Profit First Online Course

Profit First is a  unique, pay yourself first cash flow management system which allows you to work with your existing habits of running your practice. There are no complicated  accounting methods to learn, just a simple, common sense approach to managing your money. 

What You'll Learn:

  • How to improve your practice profitability... immediately
  • The Profit First strategy and why it works
  • The four core principles of Profit First
  • How to set up your business bank accounts (so you know what's really going on with your cash flow) 
  • How much to pay yourself...and how to get a raise!
  • How to ensure there's always money to pay your taxes
  • How to destroy your debt...forever
  • How to eradicate unnecessary expenses in your practice
  • How to create a customized Profit First plan for your practice...and so much more.

You'll Also Receive:

  • All course materials Including the downloadable Course Workbook
  • The Instant Assessment Tool - Where To Start
  • A Profit First One-Year Profit Plan
  • Profit First Allocation Calculator
  • The Execution Checklist

Ready to take back control of your practice finances?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Introduction To Profit First

    • Introduction To Profit First

    • The State Of America

    • Profit Is A Choice

    • Bank Balance Accounting

    • The Cash Flow Pinch

    • The Profit First Formula

    • Overview: The Four Core Principles of Profit First

    • The Four Core Principles In Detail

    • The Five Core Accounts

    • Creating No Temptation Accounts

    • Making Allocations

    • Introduction To Profit First: Recap

    • Module 1: Quiz

  • 2

    Module 2: Putting Profit First Into Action

    • Putting Profit First Into Action

    • Determining Your TAPs and CAPs

    • Naming Your Accounts

    • Managing The Hold Accounts

    • Building An Emergency Fund vs. Paying Off Debt

    • Destroying Debt In Your Practice

    • Eradicating Unnecessary Expenses

    • Dealing With Loss Aversion

    • Module Two Recap

    • Module 2 Quiz

  • 3

    Module 3: Utilizing The Profit First Tools

    • The Instant Assessment

    • The CAP - TAP 1-Year Profit Plan

    • The Allocation Calculator

    • Bonus Material: Eradicating Expenses Guide

    • Bonus Material: Fair Market Value Compensation Calculator

    • Bonus Material: Salary Cap Calculator

    • The Execution Checklist

    • Final Wrap Up

Bonus material

Sign up now and receive these additional valuable tools.

  • Eradicating Your Expenses Guide

    Learn how to attack those unnecessary expenses that are preventing you from maximum profitability in your practice.

  • Fair Market Compensation Calculator

    Ever wonder how much you can and should be paying yourself? This tool will give you the answers.

  • Salary Cap Tool

    Just like sports teams have a cap on salaries, so do you. Use this calculator to determine how much you can afford to pay your team.

Meet The Instructor

Mick Kling

Mick is a certified Profit First Professional (PFP) and the founder and CEO of Invision Optometry, the largest, single location optometric practice in San Diego, California. Recognized as one of the most unique and innovative practices in the country, Invision Optometry was named “America’s Finest Optical Retailer” by INVISION Magazine in 2017. In addition to private practice, Mick is the founder of Impact Leadership, which provides leadership, culture and business consulting and coaching for eye care professionals. Mick earned his Doctor of Optometry degree, with honors, from Southern College of Optometry in 1993, and went on to complete a residency in Ocular Disease at Omega Eye Care Center in Jackson, Tennessee. He is originally from Indiana, raised in Arkansas, and has resided in San Diego for over 25 years. When not working, he spends time with his wife Jennifer, and two sons, Robert and Ryan. Outside of work and family, Mick fulfills his real passion of playing guitar in his rock band, Backstage Pass, which can frequently be seen gigging in and around the San Diego area.


Get the entire Profit First course including all workbook materials for one low price.

Hear what previous course attendees have to say...

"I really enjoyed Mick's presentation. He has a great way of explaining things and answering questions that makes me understand and motivates me to change the way I do things."

"Structured well, easy to follow....  didn't have to leave home."

"Great topic that was very timely and needed in my practice." 

"Both the handouts and the practice X-Cel document really helped me follow the presentation. One of the best presentation that I have seen. Thank you, Mick for being so thorough!!!" 

"Having read the book previously I had questions that truly prohibited me from implementing. Having the opportunity to ask someone questions was amazing. I love having your contact information to be able clarify further in the future." 

"Being able to do it in the comforts of my home, I thought the presenter did a good job covering the material and seemed truly excited about it."

"I really appreciate that the course not only taught me about the concept and how it can help my business, but also gave me the tools (supplemental spreadsheets) that make it easy to implement in my practice." 

"Well explained and organized format. You are a great instructor." 

"This is my second time taking it and I completely missed the "Eradicating Your Expenses" part last time. I don't recall it what-so-ever. The whole thing makes much more sense this time. Let me know when you have it again, I'll hopefully have implemented more and could retain more yet!"

"I liked that there were real life examples of how to run the numbers. I was confused about why owner's comp and the operating expenses accounts were separated and how to run payroll, but everything was explained in detail and made a lot of sense. I was also confused about why we should have separate profit and tax accounts plus profit hold and tax hold accounts and now I understand why. I have been slowly implementing Profit First into my practice and this course provided the clarity I needed to completely run my practice 100% with this strategy. I also loved that the excel spreadsheets were provided. That was a huge help and I've already been crunching the numbers and adding my own categories to the spreadsheets. This course provided clarity and made me feel excited that there is a sure fire way to get out of debt and stop worrying about finances. It takes discipline, but I can see how and why Profit First will work for me in the long run. Thank you, Dr. Kling for doing this seminar." 


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