Has your practice turned into a source of financial stress and frustration?

You started your business for financial freedom. But instead, it's become a source of stress, frustration and disillusionment. What was once a dream has turned into a cash eating monster with a voracious appetite.

We've Got Answers

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Profit First Online Course

Profit First is a unique pay yourself first cash flow management system which allows you to work with your existing habits of running your practice. There are no complicated  accounting methods to learn, just a simple, common sense approach to managing your money.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to improve your practice profitability... immediately
  • The Profit First strategy and why it works
  • The four core principles of Profit First
  • How to set up your business bank accounts (so you know what's really going on with your cash flow) 
  • How much to pay yourself...and how to get a raise!
  • How to ensure there's always money to pay your taxes
  • How to destroy your business debt...forever
  • How to eradicate unnecessary expenses in your practice
  • How to create a customized Profit First plan for your practice...and so much more.

You'll Also Receive:

  • All course materials including the downloadable Course Workbook
  • The Instant Assessment Tool - Where To Start
  • A Profit First One-Year Profit Plan Template
  • Profit First Allocation Calculator
  • The Profit First Execution Checklist

The Simple Budget Online Course

The Simple Budget is a simplified approach to practice budgeting. In this course, we remove all of the dry accounting and present a simple, straightforward, yet powerful approach to forecasting and analyzing the income and expenses in your practice. 

What You'll Learn:

  • The important role that budgeting plays in building a strong business
  • Why we don't like budgeting
  • How to simplify our income and expenses
  • How to utilize the downloadable Simple Budget Tool
  • How to clean up your Profit and Loss Statement to make it meaningful business tool

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